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Chris Campana
Artist, co-plotter
Mike Radosti
Writer, co-plotter
Ron Wybraniec

In days so long ago that your sun had not yet sent forth its first rays... or could it have been yesterday?

Ris was only a boy when he was kidnapped and locked away in the dungeons of Lord Orem's keep. Only Ris's magical potential keeps him from certain death as Orem plots to use him to find the ancient Book of III. Once he has the Book he can use it to erase the painful mistakes of his past and rewrite things as he thinks they should be.

His plans go up in smoke when a dragon guard from the otherworldly realm of Ascotar breaks in and busts Ris out. With allies new and old, they scour the land of Entalon searching for the clues that will help them find the Book of III before Orem can... and before he can stop them.

Kantara is a fantasy epic featuring powerful dragons, magic, weapons and war, but it's not your typical fantasy tale. It twists and warps the boundaries of time. It delves deep into the nature of magic and stretches its limits. It restores dragons to their proper place in the fantasy genre -- though it's undoubtedly a place to which you've never been. And it does all of that with a small dose of the trademark humor that Wyrlwynd is known for.

Prepare to be surprised. Expect the unexpected. And forget what you thought you knew about fantasy!

Issue Four...

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Forget what you thought you knew about fantasy!
Kantara Issue 3 Cover Art